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As a mother of 8 and a mommy-preneur I have always known that I needed to have a plan for my family in case of an emergency, but the thought of actually sitting down and figuring it out was too daunting so I always put it on the back burner. I was in tears when I got to the Estate Planning section thinking how sad it would be for my kids if something actually happened to me and I didn't have these things in place. Thank you Apryl Moore-Beasley for writing this book in a language that made me feel confident that I could implement a plan. The action steps made it so easy to know exactly what I needed to do. This book should be required reading for every mom who wants to make sure that the emotional and financial legacy that they leave behind for their children will carry them in a positive way through the rest of their lives until they meet again.

Monica Perez Burnett (Mother of 8 – Sunnyvale, California)
CEO, Mommy Makes A Million


Apryl "Money Mom" Beasley is starting a new revolution of moms taking control of their wealth.  Her easy, step-by-step instructions for growing and protecting wealth will inspire you to stop the cycle of lack and begin creating a legacy of wealth for your children and family.  Are you looking for a resource that takes seemingly complex wealth concepts and breaks them down using simple, straight-forward language and real illustrations?  This book is that resource.  Mom's Master Plan will transform the financial plight of families nationwide.  Get a copy for every mom you know!

Monique Caradine (­­­­­Mother of 1 - Humacao, Puerto Rico)
Award-winning TV/Radio Personality,
Certified Money & Influence Mentor to visionary women who lead.


The role of “Mom” is the most profound position a woman can hold and as moms, we are the most influential people in our children’s lives. That’s why this book is so important. It contains information that every mom and mom-to-be MUST know and more importantly….MUST act on. April Moore Beasley did an excellent job in breaking down key financial principles every family should know, in easy, concise and actionable steps. Make this the last day you put off securing your family’s future - be proactive, take action and purchase this book!   

Marcella Mollon-Williams (Mother of 2 – Bowie, Maryland)
Wealth Strategist and CEO
Legacy Builder Group 


Death has never been an easy topic for me to talk about. I always think about leaving a legacy for my children, but I never thought about my transition be it natural or unexpected. I thought reading Mom’s Master Plan: Seven Steps to Preparing for Unexpected Tragedy would be a difficult read for me, but it was quite the opposite. It was thought provoking, encouraging and motivated me to put a plan in place for my children. Now I have more peace in knowing that my children will be taken care of not only while I am here with them, but also after I am gone.  

Jasmine Peters (Mother of 5 - Aurora, Colorado)    

Holistic Parenting Life Coach        

Parenting Wellness Center


REAL, RELEVANT, & Realistic!
Do yourself, and your family legacy, a HUGE favor.... get this book and read it! The simple, yet POWERFUL, techniques in this book work. It's an ACTION book.
Every mom NEEDS a plan for their children. Great for book clubs, sororities, mom clubs, & churches. Start your MASTER plan TODAY!!!

Felicia Houston, MA, LCPC (Mother of 3 – South Holland, Illinois)
Founder, Anointed Wives Ministry (AWM)


My Mom’s Master Plan is engaging with a rhythm of information about a
mom’s personal wishes and what she as a mom would like for her family
after her passing. It forces Moms to really look at our life while
helping us understand how it’s just as significant to make decisions
now for our family once we pass away as it is throughout each routine
day we’re alive.

Reading this journal was life-changing for me. As a result, I’ve begun
what I never thought I would…. My Mom’s Master Plan.

Tiffany Jasper, CEO (Mother of 2 – Charlotte, North Carolina)
Tiff’s Editing Café


Apryl this is amazing! I am so proud of you I could cry. You are destined to change lives, very well written. Great read!

LaTasha West, (Mother of 2 - Reynoldsburg, Ohio)


I really like what you have created. Like the subject areas addressed, the stories and sensibility of the book.

Attorney Ernest B. Fenton (Chicago, Illinois)
Specializing in Estate Planning, Real Estate and Business Law


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